Social Media

Privacy and Social Media Task #3

Self-regulation means having the ability to have constraint when posting. Many people post intimate details of their lives online and although it may seem harmless and their lives are thought to be an open book over sharing can come with some consequences like cyber bullying, stalking, or identity theft once you’ve posted something, it can’t be taken back. You have no control over your digital footprint unless you practice constraint. Jennifer Golbeck talked about being targeted based on history behaviors and determining online patterns. Cyber phishers prey on people who tend to post without regard to their own privacy. Even for those who are vigilant about their online activity can become prey.

Posting may seem harmless but it can prove to be detrimental if it affects you in a negative way, such as involvement with the law. In my opinion, online privacy is the right of the user and it is his or her responsibility to self-regulate. However, I think that the government should step in if the online content incites hatred and violence.